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Customized Process


Customers send us pictures and confirm size.


Customers confirm the aluminum alloy mold and thickness with us.


Confirm the thickness of the glass and whether there is a special process.


Negotiate the price and determine the contract.


The customer pays the deposit and our company starts production.


In the production process, our company will follow up the progress and report in detail every week to inform the customer of the production process.


When the production is completed,the customer pays the final payment and we ship the goods.


Special personnel follow up the import and export customs clearance process.Special personnel respond to after-sales issues.Please contact us at any time in case of any problems or difficulties.


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What’s the MOQ sqm?
A:MOQ is 10 sqm.
How long is the lead time?
A:MOQ is 10 sqm.
Is the shipping price included?
A:MOQ is 10 sqm.
Are colors and hardware accessories selectable?
A:MOQ is 10 sqm.
All these doors and windows come with frames to mount on walls?
A:MOQ is 10 sqm.
What kinds of packing do you have?
A:MOQ is 10 sqm.

Seeking Aluminum Windows & Doors Supplier for Your Project?

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