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How to Maintain Aluminum Door?

How to Maintain Aluminum Door?

Issue Time:2021-04-22
To ensure that the aluminum door has a long service life, in addition to the workmanship and materials used by the product itself, daily maintenance is also very important. The following is the specific method of maintaining aluminum doors.

Do not step on the door frame to clean

When we clean aluminum doors daily, we must not step on the sliding frame for cleaning, nor can we pull the frame for support. The force of the door frame has a certain limit. When a person steps on it, the door frame will be easily deformed, so in the later use of the door, there will be problems such as the door cannot be closed or the sliding is not smooth.

Repair and replace the sealing strip in time

Door sealing strips are divided into glass sealing strips and wool strips, both of which are the key to ensuring the sealing, heat preservation, and waterproofing of aluminum doors. And often the sealing strip will age with a long time of use, which may fall off. Therefore, if it is found, it must be repaired and replaced in time.

Clean the aluminum door with a soft cloth

When cleaning aluminum alloy doors, do not use hard paper or rags to wipe them. This will cause a certain degree of wear and tear on the doors, which will cause damage to the anti-oxidation film. The correct way is to wipe it with a soft cloth slightly moistened with water or neutral detergent. Strong acid and alkali cleaners such as ordinary soap, washing powder, decontamination powder, toilet cleaner, 84 disinfectant, etc. cannot be used to wipe aluminum alloy doors.

Wipe off the stagnant water

Although aluminum alloy profiles are moisture-proof, they should be kept as dry as possible. After a rainy day, the raindrops on the glass and aluminum door handle should be wiped in time to prevent the hardware from rusting. Pay special attention to the accumulation of water in the chute and aluminum door lock, and dry it in time. If there is any foreign matter, it should be cleaned up in time. If necessary, place a small packet of dry lime or other desiccants in the corners of doors and windows to keep them dry.

Check hardware often

Always check the hardware of aluminum alloy. If there are damaged or rusted parts, replace them in time. If necessary, add some lubricating oil to the vulnerable parts of doors such as fixed shaft pins, wind braces, and floor springs to keep the aluminum doors Smooth opening and closing. If the screw at the aluminum door connection is loose, fix it immediately.

Don't push and pull aluminum doors forcibly

During use, if the aluminum door does not open and closes smoothly, do not push or pull it forcibly, and act gently. If it cannot be pushed or pulled, it is recommended to troubleshoot first to see if the track is deformed and there are impurities in the track.

There are many problems in the maintenance process of aluminum doors that need our attention. If you still have some questions after reading the above methods, you can contact us to get more solutions for aluminum door maintenance. We not only have a lot of information in this area but also provide related customized services.

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