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How to Install Aluminum Windows?

How to Install Aluminum Windows?

Issue Time:2021-04-29
Aluminum windows are one of the most commonly used windows in households. They have strong corrosion resistance, and the oxide layer on the surface will not fall off and fade, and they are very easy to maintain and clean. The following is the specific method of aluminum window installation.

Installation steps

1. Marking and positioning

First of all, you need to locate and mark according to the position on the design drawing. If it is a multi-story or high-rise building, install aluminum windows. Then take the edge of the top door and window as the standard, use a thread drop or theodolite to draw the edge of the door and window down, and mark the door and window of each floor. Individual non-straight edges should be chiseled.

2. Installation of aluminum  windows with water

Fix the drape on the aluminum window according to the requirements of the construction drawings, and ensure that the position is correct and the installation is firm.

3. Anti-corrosion treatment

Anti-corrosion treatment should be done on all sides of the frame. Anti-corrosion paint or plastic film can be applied to the sides of the frame to prevent the cement mortar from directly contacting the surface of aluminum doors and windows, causing electrochemical reactions and corroding the aluminum doors and windows.

4. The aluminum window is installed in place

After installation and positioning, install aluminum window frames. And adjust the horizontal, vertical, and diagonal length of the aluminum window frames in time to meet the quality standards, and then temporarily fix them with wooden wedges.

5. Fixing of aluminum doors and windows

When iron parts are embedded in the wall, the iron feet of aluminum doors and windows can be directly welded to the embedded iron parts on the wall, and the welding place needs to be rust-proof. When there are no embedded iron parts on the wall, metal expansion bolts or plastic expansion bolts can be used to fix the iron feet of aluminum doors and windows to the wall.

6.Treatment between gaps

After the aluminum doors and windows are installed and fixed, concealed works should be checked and accepted first, and the gap between the door and window frames and the wall should be treated in time according to the design requirements. If the design does not require it, elastic insulation materials or glass wool felt strips can be used to fill the gaps in layers, and a 5-8mm deep groove is left on the outer surface to fill in caulking grease or sealant.

Precautions for installation 

1. The specifications and quantity of door and window frame profiles conform to national standards. The wall thickness of the outer frame of the aluminum profile shall not be less than 2.4 mm. The thickness of the plastic steel window material shall not be less than 2.5 mm.

2. Check the appearance of the plastic profile, the qualified profile should be bluish-white or ivory white, clean and smooth. The better quality should have a protective film.

3. Choose the profile section according to the door and window opening size and installation height. The casement window is not less than 55 series, and the aluminum sliding window is not less than 75 series.

4. Install in strict accordance with the regulations to ensure firmness and stability.

When installing aluminum windows, we must strictly follow the above steps and pay more attention to some details. If the above methods do not fully help you, you can contact us for more information and solutions about aluminum windows. And we also produce high-quality aluminum windows and provide related customized services.

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