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4 Skills for Choosing Aluminium Doors

4 Skills for Choosing Aluminium Doors

Issue Time:2021-05-14
how to choose aluminium doors

Aluminum doors have the advantages of high performance and long service life, and they are the type of doors and windows that most people will choose now. But when we are buying, we need to consider many aspects. The following provides you with four selection techniques for aluminum doors.


Because of their good characteristics, aluminum doors are mostly used in kitchen and bathroom spaces, where this type of water vapor has a large contact. Therefore, the aluminum door parts need to be carefully inspected to see if the quality is satisfactory. These accessories often directly affect the service life of the door, so it is best to choose hardware with relatively stable metal properties. In addition, you should check whether the aluminum door glass has the sealing effect of the barrier.


When purchasing, you need to check the thickness of the aluminum door. If the material is too thin, it will easily cause the door to deform after a period of use. It is recommended to choose an aluminum door with a thickness of not less than 1mm. Such products tend to have higher strength, are less likely to be deformed, and have a longer service life.

Welding process

The welding process of aluminum doors can also visually distinguish the quality of the quality. The welding part of high-quality aluminum doors is very flat, and the process of poorer aluminum doors is rough and not handled well in many details. Therefore, when choosing, we should carefully observe the craftsmanship of the aluminum door to see if the aluminum door frame is tight and the door leaf opens smoothly. It also needs to see whether the surface paint layer is even and fine. It is not suitable to choose aluminum doors with bubbles and scratches on the surface, as the quality is more difficult to guarantee.

Sealing strip

The aluminum door with glass also has a strong decorative effect. In the production of aluminum doors, especially products made of insulating glass, there are often strict requirements on sealing performance. At this time, it is necessary to guard the sealing strip used by the door. We can check whether the sealing strip is flat, whether there is any unevenness, whether the size is the same, etc.

The types of aluminum doors are also relatively abundant, and we must also consider their characteristics and uses when purchasing. If after reading the above content, you feel that it is not very effective to help yourself. Welcome to contact us, we will provide you with professional consultation and detailed solutions. At the same time, the aluminum doors we produce are of excellent quality and cost-effective.

As a professional manufacturer of aluminum doors and windows, we have decades of manufacturing experience in this field. We have advanced numerical control equipment and superb processing technology, and are committed to providing customers with safe and high-quality products. We can produce and design doors and windows and their accessories according to customer needs. If you want to know about our customized services and solutions, please contact us immediately!


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