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2 Common Faults and Treatment Methods of Aluminum Doors

2 Common Faults and Treatment Methods of Aluminum Doors

Issue Time:2021-05-24
two common faults and treatment methods for aluminum doors

Aluminum doors have stable performance and long service life, making them a very popular choice in families now. However, when the aluminum door fails, if we do not deal with it in time, it will affect normal use, and there will be certain safety hazards. The following are two common faults and treatment methods for aluminum doors.

Blocked opening and closing

There will be blockage when opening and closing the aluminum door, and we need to spend a lot of effort when opening and closing, and in addition, there will be a small overlap between the door frame and the door leaf and uneven peripheral gaps. This is basically caused by the deformation of the door frame or door leaf, the loose sealing strip, or the damage of the hardware accessories, and the poor installation quality exceeds the allowable deviation.

1. During installation, it is necessary to comply with the installation process, and the installation quality of each process must be checked and adjusted at any time to ensure that it meets the relevant deviation requirements of the installation.

2. Doors, windows, and window holes need to be drawn on the centerline, and when the aluminum door frame is inserted into the hole, the alignment of the centerline needs to be ensured. Degrees and straight angles to ensure that each installation must be within the allowable deviation range.

3. Before entering the frame, we also need to check the diagonal and flatness deviation, and after entering the frame, we need to check the width and gap of the overlap with a steel ruler, etc., until the best requirement is reached.

4. The hardware parts need to be installed correctly, and we need to replace them in time after the damage is found, so as to better ensure stable use.

5. It is necessary to do the protection and maintenance of the aluminum door at ordinary times to prevent some impacts from external forces. Remember not to hang heavy objects, otherwise, it will easily cause deformation. When using it, open and close lightly to maximize its use. life.


Hardware accessories can be said to be the most important part of the aluminum door, and because of its frequent use, it will cause some problems. The main damage performance is that the hardware accessories are not fixed too firmly, the pulley or the sliding hinge is damaged, etc. The main cause of these damages is the selection of inappropriate or low-quality products, or the lack of metal liners during the imprisonment, resulting in insufficient installation strength.

1. When selecting hardware accessories, the model, performance, and specifications need to meet the requirements of national standards and ensure that the selected hardware accessories match the doors and windows, so as to ensure better use.

2. For doors and windows with a width of more than 1 mm or with double-glazed windows, double pulleys or rolling pulleys should be selected, so that they will not be pushed and pulled smoothly due to excessive use time.

3. The installation of hardware accessories should be carried out at the end, wait until all the locks, handles, etc. are combined and assembled after installation, so as to ensure the normality of their positions and better ensure the flexibility of the switch.

We should also carry out daily inspections and maintenance of aluminum doors so that we can check for faults in time and reduce the wear of aluminum doors. If you feel that the above content is not very effective for your help after reading the article, you can contact us for a more comprehensive solution.

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