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4 Common Types of Aluminum Doors

4 Common Types of Aluminum Doors

Issue Time:2021-06-01
four common types of aluminum doors

Aluminum doors have good processing performance and strong corrosion resistance and are widely used in modern homes. There are many types of aluminum doors on the market now, and we need to choose them according to their characteristics and actual uses. The following are four common types of aluminum doors.

The advantages of sliding doors are simple and beautiful, with large glass blocks, which enable a wide field of vision, high lighting efficiency, and more flexible use, safe and reliable. It has a long service life, opens in a plane, and takes up less space. Because it is often pushed and pulled, the quality of the sliding rail of the sliding door is very important and determines the service life of the aluminum door.

Swing doors are doors that have hinges (hinge) installed on the side and open inward or outward. The advantages are a large opening area, good ventilation, good airtightness, sound insulation, heat preservation, and impermeability. The inward-opening type is convenient to wipe; the outward-opening type does not take up space when it is opened. In addition, side-hung doors are divided into the one-way opening and two-way opening: one-way opening means that it can only be opened in one direction (only push in or out) and bidirectional opening means that the door leaf can be opened in two directions (such as a spring-loaded door). Swing doors are widely used outdoors, often exposed to the sun and rain, so a good aluminum alloy material can make doors and windows strong for a long time.

Hanging on the door

A hanging sliding door is a kind of door that adopts upper hanging wheels to support sliding. This kind of door has no noise and no threshold when it is opened, which is beautiful and generous. The profiles of hanging sliding doors on the market are divided into two types: titanium-magnesium-aluminum alloy and secondary aluminum. The high-quality sliding door profiles are made of aluminum, strontium, copper, magnesium, manganese, and other alloys, which have great advantages in toughness, and the thickness can reach more than 1mm, while the lower quality profiles are recycled aluminum, which is tough The service life is reduced. The frame structure of the hanging sliding door, the main bearing force is the upper rail of the hanging sliding door, and the quality of the upper hanging wheel also determines the service life of the hanging sliding door. The upper rail is supported by the frame on both sides of the door hole above the door hole. The door leaf is hung under the upper rail by hanging wheels to push the door leaf, and the upper wheel slides with the push of the door leaf. Hanging sliding doors are suitable for balconies, restaurants, kitchens, sanitary partitions, etc.

Folding door

Folding doors are mainly composed of door frames, door leaves, transmission parts, swing arm parts, transmission rods, and orientation devices. It is folded for multiple sashes and can be moved to the side, occupying less space. It has the characteristics of lightweight, heat preservation, cold and heat insulation, moisture resistance, fire resistance, and flame retardant. The installation is simple and fast, the service life is long, and the maintenance is convenient. In addition, the structure of the folding door is simple and complex. The simple one is the same as the flat door, except that the hinges of the folding door leaf are specially made for the connection. The complicated thing is that the upper and lower doors need to be equipped with rails, that is, rotating hardware accessories.

Different types of aluminum doors have different characteristics, and there will be great differences in actual use scenarios. If you want to know more about aluminum doors after reading the above content, welcome to contact us for more comprehensive solutions.

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