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Selection Guide for Aluminum Windows

Selection Guide for Aluminum Windows

Issue Time:2021-06-07
Selection guide for aluminum windows

Aluminum windows are the first line of defense for family safety. They not only protect the safety of the family but also reflect the taste of home life. Because of its different performance and scope, we should consider the following factors when choosing aluminum windows.

1.The quality of the aluminum windows

Firstly, the strength of the windows, which is mainly reflected by the materials of the windows. This determines whether it can withstand ultra-high pressure to avoid break-ins in order to keep your house safe and secure. Secondly, the airtightness of the windows. This is mainly reflected by the structure of the windows. The inner and outer frames of the windows need to be sealed tightly to have good sound reduction ability and waterproof ability.

2. The craftsmanship

As the technical content and the degree of mechanization of doors and windows are not high, most of them rely mostly on the manual operation of the installation workers, which requires the operators to have a good sense of product quality. It is important to strengthen the proficiency of the operators and their product awareness during the production process. High-quality aluminum windows should acquire the following qualities: fine processing, consistent angle (the mainframe is usually 45 or 90 degrees), no obvious gaps during the splicing process, good sealing performance, and smooth operation.
Poor craftsmanship of the windows will lead to poor sealing performance and water leakage. The glass may also break and fall off under strong wind and large external forces, which will cause injuries.

3. The hardware accessories

When selecting aluminum windows, we often pay more attention to the thickness of the aluminum profiles and glass. We often overlook the importance of the hardware accessories such as hinges, locks, handles, levers, etc. Without them, windows cannot be assembled and perform well and may lead to defects. So, when selecting one, you should make sure that the thickness, strength, and oxide film of the aluminum used for high-quality aluminum windows meet standards.

4.The price of the aluminum windows

Generally, the price of aluminum windows is relatively stable. The price of high-quality aluminum windows is usually 30% higher than poor-quality aluminum windows. Poor quality aluminum windows usually contain a large amount of inferior and non-compatible materials and their thicknesses are only 0.6-0.8 mm. Hence, when choosing aluminum windows, we should take note of the price and look into their profile and specification to ensure that their thickness and strength meet the relevant national standards.

Aluminum windows are an inherent part that is directly integrated with the appearance of the building. Its quality and construction technology directly affect the quality of home life. Therefore, we should pay more attention to these factors when selecting. If after reading the above content, you feel that it is not very effective for you to choose aluminum windows, please contact us. We can not only provide you with a more comprehensive solution but also provide you with excellent quality aluminum doors and windows.

As a professional manufacturer of aluminum doors and windows, we have always been committed to providing customers with safe and high-quality products. Our experienced production management team and strict quality inspection system can carry out all-around quality control of products. We can also continuously adjust and optimize our design according to your needs and provide corresponding customized services. If you want to buy our aluminum doors and windows, please contact us immediately!

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