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The Causes and Treatment Schemes for Water Seepage the Outer Frame of Aluminum Casement Windows

The Causes and Treatment Schemes for Water Seepage the Outer Frame of Aluminum Casement Windows

Issue Time:2021-10-18
the specific reasons and solutions
At present, there are two ways to connect the outer frame of aluminum casement windows on the market: 45-degree group angle and 90-degree straight thread fastening. Water seepage from the outer frame of different groups of corners requires different treatment methods. The followings are the specific reasons and solutions.

Causes of water leakage at the 45-degree angle and treatment plan:

1. When cutting, the 45-degree cutting angle is incorrect or the saw blade is severely worn and the dynamic balance is not good, resulting in gaps or dents at the 45-degree group angle, resulting in water leakage. 

Solution: Improve the cutting accuracy of the equipment and frequently replace the saw blade.

2. When the angle is assembled, the matching gap between the corner code and the frame profile is too large, resulting in loose or gaps in the 45-degree splicing after the assembly angle is completed, resulting in water leakage.

Solution: It is recommended that the matching gap between the corner code and the profile cavity should be controlled within 0.2mm. The corner code is at the stress point at the fitting position of the extruder, and the reinforcement rib support should be added.

3. When the 45-degree angle is set, the sealant is not applied to the 45-degree section, causing water to flow directly into the cavity along the 45-degree section and penetrate into the wall when there is water.

Treatment plan: Before the corners are assembled, apply a sealant on the 45-degree section, preferably a sealant with a certain degree of extensibility and elasticity.

4. No sealant is injected into the cavity of the corner after the corner assembly is completed, resulting in insufficient overall strength and sealing of the corner, and it will infiltrate directly when there is water.

Treatment plan: After the corners are assembled, before injecting and sealing into the cavity at the corners, it is best to use polyurethane two-component corner glue. Since this glue is two-component, there is no need to absorb air in the drying process.

The moisture will dry in a sealed environment. At the same time, the glue will become a hard glue after drying, which can increase the strength of the angle by 3-5 times, and the sealing performance is extremely ideal.

5. The cavity of the thermal insulation part of the broken bridge thermal insulation profile is not treated, causing water to enter the corner directly from this section and seep out

Solution: Design a connection piece dedicated to the cavity of the heat-insulating rubber strip and seal it with glue.

6. The corner plug-in is not installed at the large side of the profile (especially when opening doors and windows). Because there is no corner code here, there will be misalignment or gaps, which will cause water leakage.

Solution: Design a connecting angle plug-in corresponding to the notch, and inject glue at the corner.

Causes of water leakage in the 90-degree angle and treatment plan:

1. When the horizontal and vertical frames are spliced, there is no soft double-sided adhesive tape on the splicing surface, causing gaps in the splicing place and causing water leakage.

Solution: Add double-sided adhesive stickers on the section of the splicing section or design a glue-injectable connector. After the connection is completed, inject the glue to seal the joint.

2. The cross-section structure design is unreasonable, and the uneven distribution of screw fastening points causes uneven force during fastening, resulting in gaps.

Solution: Change the cross-section structure to make the force even when the screws are tightened.

3. The fastening screws are too short, resulting in insufficient force, and the frame is easy to be twisted and gaps appear.

Solution: Replace the screw specifications, and pay attention to the diameter of the screw used first and the fit tolerance of the screw fastening hole on the profile.

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